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Mac vs. PC



    Ok, in the great debate of the PC vs. Mac, I always hear from Tinkertosh aficionados how the Windows OS is basically recycled from the Mac and how the Mac did it better lo' those many years ago, yada, yada, yada.  

    Well, I wouldn't go on all too much about how the Apple did it first, because they didn't.  Apple got the idea from Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center where programmers THERE came up with something known as X Windows (or something along those lines).  So who's the original thief?  Bill Gates or Steven Jobs?

    If you ask me, the best windowing OS is the X Windows packaged with the Iris flavor UNIX on the Silicon Graphics workstation computers.  UNIX has always been and will always be a superior OS to Windows or Mac OS.  It keeps a shell open to the command line to allow you to do real directory maintenance.  That and it's stability is unparalleled.

    So Mac users, think twice about bragging how Windows copied your beloved Tinkertosh.  Because Apple copied it from the first (and best) windowing OS from Xerox.


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