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I have a wide range of musical tastes that range from classical to jazz to blues to country to rock, excepting rap and alternative to music.  I currently sing in our Concert Choir at Sierra College and I also play the guitar.

Speaking of singing, I love to go out at times to places that have kareoke.  I sing a variety of songs, most notably older, slow tunes of artists who have a medium to low range, as I am a baritone and cannot hit those ear-splitting high notes. 

Of my guitar playing, well, I am a little out of practice, but I do pick up my guitar enough to keep my fingers limber enough to play.  I gave up the piano at age fourteen for the guitar and have since forgotten how to play, much to my regret.   However, perhaps one day I can relearn how to play the piano, just for my own amusement.

Another aspect to being involved in music over the past twenty-five years is an ability to use various MIDI composers for the PC to transcribe sheet music to the various composition software at my disposal.  On the opening page of this site is a Phantom of the Opera medley I transcribed from a choral piece our choir did in the fall '97 semester.  My guitar playing may be out of practice, but I have never forgotten my music theory.

I will post more about things musical as I have time to update this page.   Stay tuned for more items of interest here. 

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