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Launch Photos

RazorLaunch.JPG (61735 bytes)
The Razor boosting on a B6-4.
RecoilLaunch.JPG (56819 bytes)
Caught just the tail of Katie's Recoil lifting on a B4-4.
ArreauxLaunch01.JPG (63856 bytes)
Ok, the engine appears to be smoking.
ArreauxLaunch02.JPG (63571 bytes)
"I think I can, I think I can!"
ArreauxLaunch03.JPG (60463 bytes)
Caught this one just as the E18-4 engine lit.
ArreauxLaunch04.JPG (56209 bytes)
Cut off the top part of the Arreaux, but still got a good shot of liftoff.  I really like those AeroTech engines, especially after only using Estes engines for many years.  :)
PhobosLaunchJune.jpg (60501 bytes)
My PML Phobos blasting into the sky on a G64-4W at LUNAR's June launch.
PhobosLaunchJuly01.jpg (33726 bytes)
This is from the LUNAR July launch.  The Phobos getting ready to take to the sky.  The engine just lit here...
PhobosLaunchJuly02.jpg (27827 bytes)
...and took off like a shot a 1/2 second later on that G64-4W again.
ArreauxLaunchJune.jpg (63086 bytes)
The Arreaux takes to the sky for the 6th time on a F22-7J.
SuperNovaLaunchJuly.jpg (34558 bytes)
Katies Super Nova Payloader just leaving the pad on a D12-5.
CheetahLaunchJuly.jpg (29912 bytes)
The Cheetah boosting upwards on an E18-7W.

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