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Geoffrey A. Stanford
6129 Cameo Dr.
Rocklin, CA. 95677
(916) 624-5130



Graduated South Gate High School: 6/85
Long Beach City College: 8/90 – 12/93
Sierra College: 1/97 – present

Work Record:








Sierra College – Auto Department
Office Assistant II 8/98 – 5/99

Duties: Typing memos, maintaining mailing lists, preparing class materials and grades using the Microsoft Office 97 suite; general office duties.

Sierra College – Tutoring Center
Student Tutor II 8/97 – 12/97; 8/98 – 12/98

Duties: Tutoring mathematics from pre-algebra through pre-calculus; Introductory physics; computer science courses: Assembly, C, C++, FORTRAN and Data Structures; English 1A; Music 10.

Franchise Tax Board
Student Assistant 1/98 – 6/98, 2/99 - present

Duties: Correction and validation of the 540EZ, 540A and 540 tax forms using the Routine Validation and Taxpayer Information systems.

Customer Service Assistant 5/96 – 1/98; 6/95 – 9/95

Duties: Cashiering, general custodial work, dealing with and helping customers.

Healthcare Information Services
Production Assistant 9/95 – 4/96

Duties: Text and image proof reading and editing for placement of medical journals on CD-ROM.

Ultramar, Inc.
Clerical Assistant/Secretary 4/94 – 8/94

Duties: Spreadsheet design and maintenance, data entry, filing, scheduling meetings and appointments, setting up travel arrangements, general typing (memos, correspondence, etc.)

McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace Corp.
Structural Mechanic (K2J) 8/89 – 2/93

Duties: Assembly and sub-assembly of the airframe and supporting parts on the C-17 and MD-11 aircraft. Involved the use of pneumatic hand tools; surface touch-up and repair; sealing of air tight surfaces.

US Army
Armor Crewman (19E) 12/85 – 11/88

Duties: Basic maintenance and operation of the M60A3 AFV hull and turret systems.

Programming Language Knowledge:

80x86 Assembly, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java, Pascal

Hardware Knowledge:

Motherboard configuration: 80386 through Pentium II systems; modem configuration; video card configuration; tape backup configuration; CD-ROM configuration; ZIP drive configuration.

Programming Software Knowledge:

Borland Turbo C v2.0; Borland Turbo C++ for DOS v3.0; Borland C++ v3.1, v4.0, v5.02; Borland Turbo Pascal v6.0; Borland Turbo Assembler v1.0, v3.1, v4.0; Borland C++ Builder 3; Microsoft Visual J++ v1.1

Application Software Knowledge:

Lotus 1-2-3 v2.01, v2.2, v3.0, v3.1; PFS: Prowrite v2.0; WordPerfect for DOS v5.1; WordPerfect for Windows v5.1, v5.2, v6.0; dBase III+ v1.0; QEMM v6.02, v7.00, v7.01; Microsoft Windows 3.1; Microsoft Windows 95; Word for Windows v2.0c, v6.0; Microsoft Word 97; Microsoft Excel 97; Microsoft Access 97; Adobe Photoshop v2.5, v3.0, v5.0; Microsoft FrontPage 98, Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.01, 4.01

General System Knowledge:

MS-DOS v3.3, v5.0, v6.0; Windows 95; Windows NT; UNIX; FTP; DNS Configuration; TCP/IP Configuration/Error Trapping

Typing Speed:

60 words per minute


For references, please e-mail me, as these individuals do not wish to have their personal information out in public view.


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