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    Do you like to read?  Do you forget to eat because you just don't want to put that novel down?  Do you sometimes, in desperation, read the back of a cereal box if there's nothing else to read?  Then might be the place for you.  Shop for books from the comfort of your home and have them delivered right to you.  I have three main categories of books that I like to read.   The first is Science Fiction, one of my favorite type of novels to read.  Another of my favorite types of novels are those that are written by Tom Clancy and other authors in the same genre.  And finally, I read a lot of books on Computer Instruction.  That is one way to expand your knowledge of computers and software, which is the primary way I have learned so much about computers.  And because I have read and continue to read books of this type is how I learned how to put a web site like this together.  Also of interest is a section of political works that I have found of interest and are enlightening.

    If you don't care for any books of the types I have listed, you can search for a title you like using the below search box.  And if you have any suggestions of books I should put on those three pages, or add a completely new page, e-mail me and tell me your suggestion(s).

    There are no navigation bars on the preceeding pages, but at the bottom of each page are links that will bring you back to this page or to the main page on my site. logo

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