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TurboAssem.gif (5867 bytes)   This is an excellent book, written by an excellent author, Tom Swan.  Not only is Mr. Swan knowledgeable about the 80x86 assembly instruction set and programming, he presents the information in a logical manner that makes it easy to understand.  I used the first edition of this book to learn assembly language programming and still use the book as a reference.  Click here to place your order.

BC5MAS.gif (7167 bytes)  This is yet another excellent book written by Tom Swan.  I have read through this book and found it very informative in telling me what new features there are in Borland C++ v5.0x.   I highly recommend this book.  Click here to place your order.

JavaMas.gif (5843 bytes)    This is one that I have yet to read (I use Microsoft's Visual J++), but based on Tom Swan's reputation as an author, I can recommend this book without hesitation.   Click here to place your order.

LearnCPP.gif (4252 bytes)  This is a C++ book for beginners.  I cannot give any more information than that, as I have not read this one.  Click here to place your order.

VisualJPP.gif (7118 bytes)  I am currently reading through this book.  So far, it is very informative and shows you various features of Visual J++ that you might find useful.  I heartily recommend it.   Click here to place your order.

CPPinter.gif (1170 bytes)  This book is what we used in my C++ college course last fall semester.  It is a very good primer on the C++ language, with plenty of questions to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter.  A very good way to learn C++.  Click here to place your order.



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