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Here on this page I have various links to Java and online games.  Please note that you will need a Java-enabled browser to play these games.  And also be aware that some of these games might move a wee bit on the fast side if you have a high-end machine (ie, Pentium II 300 or above).


bulletMissle Commando II is one that fans of Atari's old '80s arcade game Missle Command will like to play.
bulletHere is a good Java representation of the old classic Pac Man game.  This one is very well done.
bulletIf trivia is your bag, you might try Trivia Blitz, Trivia Blitz Sports, Trivia Blitz Entertainment or Trivia Blitz Firsts.  Enjoy!
bulletDid you like that old classic arcade game Breakout?  If so, then you will like Bap 1.50b.
bulletAnd who can forget the classic Hanoi Towers game?
bulletIf you like tracing a path through a 2-dimensional paper maze, then you most definitely like Maze 3D.
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