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Welcome to my home page!

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Welcome One And All Who Visit!

Welcome one and all!   Within these pages are various subjects of interest to me.  My family, links to sites that I think are interesting.  Also, you can check out my bio if you so desire.

If you have ICQ, you go to my ICQ page and see if I'm online or not and send me a message.  My UIN is:  2810249.

I have also added three new pages to this site, a survey page with a question or two of which I would like your feedback on, a discussion page and a page that let's you know what is new at Geoff's Place.   Please visit these pages and check them out.

Be sure to check back often, as this site is always under construction, with new things being added all the time.  Kind of like a work in progress.

Also please note that this site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 4 and higher.  For some reason, Netscape Navigator does not handle tables correctly, so anything that I put into a table is going to look kind of messed up.  


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