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What's New

This is the page to check out to see what has changed and/or been added to Geoff's Place.

June 25, 1999: Awards, ICQ Page, Guest Book and Discussion pages added.
June 28, 1999: HTML Hints section added, under construction.
June 30, 1999: Moved the discussion area to a site of its own.  It's now at this site.
July 2, 1999: Added a new jokes page and added a Java-based game called Missle Commando II.
July 3, 1999: Added Pac Man, Trivia, Bap, Hanoi Towers and Maze 3D to the games page.
July 4, 1999 (Happy Independence Day!): Added WordMeister to the games page.
July 5, 1999: Added Tail Gunner to the games page.
July 7, 1999: Reorganized the navigational structure of Geoff's Place, trimmed down the main page for faster loading.
July 11, 1999: Removed Tail Gunner from the games page, due to it not running properly.
January 15, 2000 Added a model rocketry links page to the site.
January 20, 2000 Added model rocketry pages to the site.
April 28, 2001 Updated bio page, removed a few pages no longer needed.
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